Icy Winter Drives up High Demand for Ice Melt

caudill seedWith icy winter weather hitting much of the country this season, stores such as Lowes, Home Depot, and other home and yard supply outlets have seen their stores flooded with people looking for ice melt so that they can be prepared for the next snow storm.

As one of the largest ice melt distributors in the United States, Caudill Seed sees the demand for its ice melt products go up drastically in the winter and the proof can be seen in the customer flow of some of the aforementioned stores.

For example, Lowe’s in West Hazelton, Pa., always seems to get busier right before a snow storm. It’s main attraction when snow and ice are in the forecast: ice melt.

Lowe’s employees from this store told ABC News that they’ve been selling a lot of ice melt recently. They have even designated an area at the front of the store where they can keep their large supply during the winter.

“Absolutely, here it would be snow melt, sometimes saw dust. But, definitely snow melt as long as we can keep it in stock,” Lowe’s employee Jamie Price said in an interview with ABC News.

But keeping it in stock this season because of all the ice and snow, even with reliable ice melt distributors like Caudill Seed, has been quite difficult.

“Our resources are depleting quickly,” Price said. “The distribution center is constantly bringing some in as well.”

One of the biggest contributors to ice melt flying off the shelves is plow truck drivers who buy it in bulk to supply their plowing business.

“You know, you plow the lots but then you get the ice underneath it and so you have to do it right, so you have to put the salt down and make sure it’s nice and clean for people,” Neil Balsko, a plowing business owner, told ABC News.

Balsko added that he has already had to replenish his ice melt supply several times this year.

“I’ve been going through it pretty good,” Balsko said. “I thought I had enough but the way this season’s been, it’s been kind of rough with it this year.”

Caudill Seed offers the following ice melt products, and as a result, Caudill Seed is one of the most well-respected and widely used ice melt distributors in the country.

  • Bag Salt
  • Bulk Salt
  • Calcium Chloride Flake
  • Calcium Chloride Pellets
  • Magnesium Chloride Pellets
  • ComboTherm
  • Remove Ice Melt
  • Knox Brand Ice Melt
  • Morton Pro Grade Ice Melt

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