Caudill Seed Wants to Help You Save Your Garden Seeds This Winter

Caudill SeedAs experts in the agricultural business with more than 65 years of experience, Caudill Seed knows a thing or two about garden seeds. Among its many other great products and services, Caudill Seed offers a variety of garden seeds such as beans, peas, and corn, as well as just about any other vegetable you can imagine.

But Caudill Seed also wants to help educate others on garden seeds and how to properly plant and store them. Winter is just around the corner and that means there are many individuals out there that will have to wait until spring to start gardening again. But in the meantime, Caudill Seed doesn’t want to see all of your unplanted seeds go to waste.

There are certain guidelines to follow when saving garden seeds, and Caudill See is here to provide them for you.
The first thing to keep in mind when saving seeds of any kind is to keep them dry or they could become moldy and rendered useless. There are items called desiccant packs that can be purchased to keep seeds dry or they can be kept in glass jars, paper envelopes or plastic containers that are sealed tightly.

If you’re going to put your seeds in a paper envelope, it is wise to put that envelope in another container to ensure that it is kept dry and to keep any invasive pests away.

Another important part of storing your seeds throughout the winter is to make sure you label the jars, containers or envelopes you’re putting them in so that you don’t get them mixed up. You’ll thank yourself come spring when you know which seeds are which.

Store your seeds in a cool, dark place until they are ready to be planted the next year. Factors such as fluctuating temperatures, heat and moisture can all have ill-effects on seeds while they’re being stored and perhaps prevent germination later on down the line.

Caudill Seed wants to help advance the agribusiness industry and make the world more aware of the benefits of seeds and other agricultural products. Keeping seeds alive and in good condition is just one way Caudill Seed can provide quality service and expertise to its loyal customers.

If you have any more questions about garden seeds, seed storage, or other agricultural topics, visit or give us a call at 1.800.626.5357.

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