Hurricane Irma Leaves the Caribbean in Need of Seeds

Caudill SeedThe aftermath of Hurricane Irma last month left much of the Caribbean in disarray. Buildings, homes and roads were all destroyed on many Caribbean islands such as Haiti, Curacao, Cuba and St. Martin. The Category 5 hurricane left more than 17,000 people displaced and it’s being estimated that about 70-90 percent of the infrastructure on some of the islands was destroyed.

But one of the storm’s biggest impacts that has been a bit overlooked by the masses is the effect Irma had on the Caribbean’s agriculture.

According to the Food Security Cluster, “while not yet quantifiable, the impact [of Hurricane Irma] on tourism, fishery, and agriculture is severe.”

Irma brought major losses to Caribbean farmers. In 2014, Caribbean agricultural hit rough times due to El Niño drought conditions, cutting crop production in half in some regions and a rise in food insecurity.

The region’s agriculture had already taken a hit because of the recent climate crisis, but now the road to recovery might be even longer for the Caribbean islands because of Hurricane Irma. While there is still a large need for items such as water, canned food and sanitation kits to be donated to the Caribbean following Hurricane Irma, it is equally important that companies such as Caudill Seed and other leaders of the agricultural industry find a way to supply those in need with some seeds so that food infrastructure can be re-established in the Caribbean.

Hurricane Irma destroyed agricultural fields, banana plantations, sugarcane crops and more in the Caribbean. But companies like Caudill Seed can help with their world-class seeds. Caudill Seed has built a strong reputation amongst its customers and now has the opportunity to spread its seeds worldwide.

Caudill Seed acquires seeds from all points of the compass and is capable of producing blends and mixtures that satisfy a varying degree of environmental demands. The Caribbean has an excellent climate for agriculture, and Caudill Seed can help get it back on its feet.

For more than 65 years, Caudill Seed has been a reliable source of seed production and supply. The agricultural, turf seed, contractor supply and reclamation industries count on Caudill Seed when they need seeds.

Caudill Seed has helped many across these various fields, and soon it might move on to helping with disaster relief around the world with its variety of seeds and agricultural products.

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