Trust Proprietary Products From Caudill Seed To Get Landscaping Jobs Done Right

It takes time, research and “sweat equity” to truly understand the ground beneath your feet, as any well-rounded landscaper knows that getting your hands dirty helps with the grasping of agricultural needs. For example, the arid climates of some southwestern states will vary greatly from the moist soil found in the northwest, thus the need to know what you can plant depending on the geography. Heading east, the sprawling great plains of the U.S. won’t have much in common with sands of southern coastal states or the plants that thrive in the east coast’s four full seasons. No matter your need or industry, it’s best to consult with an established agribusiness expert to provide you with the products that will grow into the landscape you’d like to see.

One such business, with roots in Kentucky reaching all the way back to 1947, is Caudill Seed Company. The time, research and resources this company has poured into the field of seed distribution proves that it is committed to helping you finish any project, whether it be for livestock foraging, turf grasses for golf courses or use of basic bird seed and garden seeds. Contractors or do-it-yourselfers will also benefit from the knowledge that a company like Caudill Seed offers, as they sell DOT-approved seeds in states that include Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia and more. That also means clay, fertilizer and even baseball infield conditioner can be obtained in bulk quantities to help you finish the biggest projects. As a wholesale company that marked its 65th year in business in 2012 and now boasts three locations across Kentucky, Caudill Seed’s services extend to beyond seeds for planting. That means erosion concerns can be mitigated with straw blankets, safety fences and plastic needing as your crews work their way through a landscaping project.

However, Caudill Seed has always maintained that the heart of their business is seed and the diversified offerings means a well-rounded line of products no matter what the purpose or field you’re in. The needs of our customers have always required well-researched and proprietary blends of seeds to make the final results of your large projects all the more beautiful, successful and professional. Caudill Seed is happy to help customers with questions about the products they’ll need to get the work done right.